Bituroad 2022 Venue CHANGED!

Important announcement: Bituroad 2022 Venue CHANGED!

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As we entered 2022, the year Bituroad Conference will eventually take place, we had to review some details and to adjust every aspect to the new occurrences in order to ensure the event will be just as efficient and fruitful as everybody expects.

The Corona pandemic is finally coming to an end and things are settling down, but that doesn’t mean we will not take the necessary measures. Health and safety is a priority for us and we know that business and knowledge exchange can only happen with 100 % peace of mind. We monitor closely how the Omicron variant (or any other variant in that case) behaves, and so far we have firmly reached the conclusion that it will not cause any problem and we could carry on holding the conference in person, so that everybody can explore the full potentials of this event.
On the other hand, we are glad to see that the conference is facing a wide reception from experts in the road and bitumen industry. Many are trying to gain a strong foothold in the Caucasus region, update their technical knowledge and to expand their business network which is all possible in a professional environment Bituroad conference provides.
All of these together, led us to change the conference venue to the Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi , which can fullfil the new requirements we evaluated. HUALING conference hall, will enable us to undertake needed corona protocols such as social distancing and will have the capacity we need for our increasing number.
Their professional environment will enrich your experience and will have the quality you expect from a world class business conference.
Therefore, Bituroad 2022 Conference will be held in person, on the said dates (05-06 May) in the new venue of HUALING Hotel, Tbilisi Georgia. In case of any need for reservation, please go to their website HERE.

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