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infraTest Prüftechnik-bituroad 2020

infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH; a high level laboratory equipment for building industry

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infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH, founded in 1991, is comprised of employees and engineers specialized in electrical and mechanical engineering along with skilled and trained personnel for performing all sorts of tasks in service and after-sales support.

 Mr. Ersun Görener, Senior Sales Manager at infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH, grateful for finding Bitugroup as an active company which is privileged to high-speed accountability, is expecting the event organizer to do everything in their disposal in order to provide the opportunity to meet professional managers involved in this field and to hold fruitful meetings.

Mr. Ersun also hopes that, by participating in this event, more companies can be apprised of their services and products worldwide. Subsequently, they can be better introduced to the customers in asphalt and business market. Furthermore, it is a way of checking interesting markets and getting to know how this market really works first handedly.

infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH is engaged in the development, manufacture, distribution and trading of test and analysis equipment for the entire building materials sector. The focus on technically advanced products, in line with the mission of the brand: “Systematic Testing”, in combination with profound knowledge of production processes, allow them to be regarded as a technology leader in the industry segment with constantly changing challenges. Therefore, they are considered as a world market leader in the list of the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

infratest - bituroad 2020 - bitumen and road conference

As a pioneer in testing equipment industry, the company is producing a wide range of products among which asphalt analyzer, dynamic testing systems, and performance bitumen tests are the most highlighted ones.

Committed to ”support innovation, stop copies” as their motto, infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH is enjoying the special privilege of excellent and efficient service network. Pushing the customer service standards further, the company is proudly providing swift and urgent customer service which is directly made in place.

 Discussing future prospects of the company, Mr. Ersun Görener remarked that they are focusing more on bringing innovations in Asphalt extraction systems and cold asphalt analyzer tests. He also added that due to the rise of aggregate usage, most companies are currently seeking to introduce new bituminous mixtures to the world. Therefore, he predicts that modified bitumen mixture and recycling of asphalt in order to rejuvenate the old asphalt are considered as two major actions needed to be taken around the world in the future.

To conclude, Mr. Ersun Görener proudly stated that holding promises that are made by a company and its authorities can be considered as a guarantee of success for that company.

And so, we are deeply honoring and admiring the great opportunity of collaborating with such prominent companies and providing the possibility to the entire world through Bituroad 2021.

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