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CFF - A strong partner for natural cellulose fibers with a global sales network in many different industries

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Headquartered in Thuringia - the "green heart of Germany", CFF GmbH & Co. KG which is well-known as a strong partner for customer-specific and natural cellulose fibers, pursue the consistent target to continuously expand their product and application range at highest quality standards.

In this way, they have achieved a symbiosis of innovative technologies and the fantastic power of nature for various applications and products among which the followings play prominent roles in the bitumen and asphalt industry:

  • TOPCEL® - cellulose fiber pellets
  • TOPCEL® add - multi-component pellets (cellulose fibers and additives for bitumen modification)

Hence, while the diversity and naturalness of their products is one of the most important factors of the company's success, Mr. Stefan Schulz comes up with some other factors that are key contributors to their success; good quality, good service, on time delivery, effective communication with customers and end users, staying reliable and offering high quality products for competitive prices.

Furthermore, some of the outstanding features of the company that have caused them to be distinctive and special include:

  • High-quality application and customer service
  • Good price performance value
  • Delivering excellent services
  • Keeping close contact with all of end-users such as asphalt producers and being aware of their demands, ideas, and needs in a manner that enables CFF officials to analyze their production opportunities.

CFF in Bituroad 2021

Consequently, growing as a successful business group, especially in Thuringia/Germany and Belgium, CFF directors are striving their best to develop highly-satisfied customers through supporting them with clever solutions and high-quality products. In this regard, as Stefan Schulz mentioned, they are full of expectations for Bituroad conference 2021. They are grateful to meet new marketing opportunities, powerfully introduce themselves to the world of technology, spot golden opportunities for networking, promotion and upgrading, and establish future activities.

Eagerly participating in this event, the CFF authority is hoping to acquire new knowledge to help them reestablish past connections, find a Georgian distribution company for their products, and develop their networking skills and contacts through meeting new people and learning updated market information.

While expressing his views on the potentials of the region, Mr. Stefan Schulz also acknowledged that due to the increasing potential of Georgia and the company’s efforts to promote applications of asphalt technology, such as Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA), Porous Asphalt (PA), SMA Binder Courses (SMA B C), they are full of hope and expectations to be provided with a suitable selling and service supply market.

Taking respective attitude to the customers’ needs, CFF authorities do not just see themselves limited to the role of a producer. They are always available to offer new products and technical information about their applications and their uses. Besides, they proudly provide technical knowledge and assistance to their customers.

Accordingly, we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded by our international cooperation with such vibrant companies as a big step towards our success. Hence, we are truly grateful for providing the fantastic business opportunity to meet such innovative companies and amazing authorities.

Bituroad 2021