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Majd Al Iraq - bituroad conference

Majd Al Iraq company; a grand bitumen supplier in Iraqi domestic market with the lofty aspiration to provide customers' satisfaction

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 Located in Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Majd Al Iraq bitumen and barrel manufacturing plant produces 1000 metric tons of bitumen per day and supplies its products to the international market.

It is especially noteworthy that the barrel production capacity of the company is 240,000 units per month and its supplies to buyers come in bulk, Jumbo Bags, and steel barrel packaging.

 As reported by Sipan Sedeek, business development manager of the company, by participation in Bituroad 2022 they are primarily intending to find new and reliable customers from Georgia and the former CIS countries for their products. Furthermore, they are widely anticipated that the event puts them in contact with the respective governmental agencies and authorities in the field of road construction and the Asphalt industry in Georgia.

explaining their impression of the region and its potential, Mr. Sedeek said, “Since Iran and Iraq are providing more than 60% of all Indian imported Bitumen and a huge portion of East African imported Bitumen as well, the Caucasus and CIS can greatly benefit from this relatively close source. we are sure that there is a huge potential, as especially Iraqi Bitumen is very competitive in price.”

majd al iraq

Considering the privileges of their company, Mr. Sedeek proudly said that the price of their products is the first factor that makes this company stand out among their competitors. As another milestone for the company, the official also guaranteed that the high quality of their products will continue the same way in the future. And finally, he added: “We are manufacturers and not traders.”

As satisfaction of clients is what they aspire to achieve, they strive to professionally and reliably deliver their services, as well as have multilingual staff to empower them to guarantee their best possible customer services.

  Therefore, we sincerely appreciate the presence of such companies at Bituroad 2022 in order to communicate and exchange information alongside potential companies of this kind.


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