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BASF; A team of experts to CREATE CHEMISTRY for a sustainable future

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Since the beginning of 2019, BASF has combined its development and marketing activities in the EMEA region in a central platform called "Asphalt Performance". At BASF, work is being carried out on new and sustainable solutions for the production of asphalt mixtures, that unify economic efficiency, environmental protection and social responsibility.

The current portfolio includes products for the modification of hot mix asphalt as well as bitumen emulsions. BASF Asphalt Performance support their customers in meeting the current and future needs through research and innovation. – BASF creates chemistry for a sustainable future. More than 117,000 employees in the BASF Group contribute in helping the customers meet their goals in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. The portfolio of BASF is divided into six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions. BASF generated sales of €59 billion in 2019. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchange in Frankfurt (BAS) and as American Depositary Receipts (BASFY) in the U.S. Further information at www.basf.com.

Dr. Mario Sandor, Head of BASF Business Management Asphalt EMEA, is looking forward to Bituroad conference 2021. "It is a future-oriented conference with great ambition to provide customers across EMEA with the latest state of development." Accordingly, he expressed his expectations for the conference as follows:
1) Grow our professional network

2)  Meet experts of the industry

3) Get business ideas and insights

4) Update our technical knowledge

BASF Bituroad 2021

Asphalt roads can withstand loads and strains for longer with the help of BASF Asphalt Performance's innovation. BASF, as one of the leading chemical companies, has extensive chemical expertise to develop high-performance bitumen and sustainable solutions. Moreover, research projects are jointly promoted through a network of experts. BASF Asphalt Performance innovations will help to protect and extend pavement service life, promote safer road conditions, and prevent structural failure.

Keyword Customer services: BASF fully supports its customers in finding exactly the right solution for their special local demands and needs.  As they are equipped with a team of experienced and dedicated technicians and researchers who review and develop existing BASF and third-party products in two bitumen laboratories in Germany to analyse and meet the specific requirements of the customer.

Regarding future innovations of the team. Mr. Sandor commented that their primary objective is to improve sustainability and health protection. On the other hand, reduced aerosol and steam emissions, low energy consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and recycling at the highest possible recyclable level are the desired improvements that can be achieved through additives in the production of asphalt.

Mr. Sandor also believes that flexible solutions in production and installation are required for a road surface that is sustainable, that means durable, economical and safe. In order to do this, some vital criteria are:

  • Ensuring stability
  • Recyclability
  • Ensure occupational safety, energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction
  • Improve adhesion
  • Delaying binder ageing

Finally, introducing some key factors to make a brand ever-lasting, Mr. Sandor added: “Turning a product and a company into a valuable brand is a long-term process. The quality of the product is primarily important. The product should meet the customer's requirements at all times. At the same time, it is essential to maintain a stringent, practical marketing concept that should be tailored to fit the market. For advertising three instruments play an important role here: awareness, trust in the brand and contact with the target groups that you can reintegrate their feedback into marketing.”

In this respect, it would be of great value to meet up with such professional companies in Bituroad 2021 to introduce their great knowledge of modern technology to the entire world of asphalt and bitumen contributors.

Bituroad 2021