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BS group an innovative bitumen producer founded on honesty

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Bituroad 2021 would be an opportunity to gather professionals in field of bitumen and road industry, we believe when people get together, magic will happen. Many well-known international companies being present at this event, we decided to introduce them in a reportage and scratch the surface.

 As the first step, we had a phone conversation with CEO of BS group, Mr Iman Alidoost, the bronze sponsor of Bituroad 2021 and this reportage is the highlights from our delightful chat.

BS group, as a specialist in different bituminous products, has been established in 2006. It has grown from a small local manufacturing operation into a full-line distributor of bitumen, bitumen emulsions and high-quality industrial maintenance chemicals and related supplies. Our service domain began locally, reached to remote parts of the country very soon, and now we are happy to deliver our products and services to costumers across the globe. Now we provide our customers with a full package to help them solve road maintenance problems. This group consists of 3 business unit. The first unit focuses on producing different grade of asphalt and bitumen emulsion which is located in Birjand industrial zone, Iran.

Our main products are:

  • Different grade of bitumen (classified according Penetration, Performance (PG) and Viscosity grade)
  • Bitumen emulsion (CSS, CRS, CQS, CMS)
  • Polymer modified bitumen
  • Bituminous primers

BS group - Bituroad 2020 conference sponsor

Mr Alidoost remarked; based on our client comments, BS group advantages in comparison with others are Quality, Reasonable prices, Fast delivery by being in touch with costumers all the time, we try to meet their needs efficiently and swiftly to honor their trust.  

Eager to hear about BS group innovations in near future, Mr Alidoost depict the vision. They have always had innovations in packing and they have tried to provide their customers with a variety of options in packing (from drums to new bags). And by identifying the needs here, we are always working on new ways to make the packing more efficient (such as using frames for bags). Moreover, they’re working on new technologies that are trending, such as Modified bitumen types and use of NANO technology in bitumen production specially on primers and coating products.

Mr Alidoost said: “There is a huge need present in the market for eco-friendly products and everyone is understanding the importance of environmental issues. Beside using new technologies in Bitumen production to help it come close to environmental factors; high quality bitumen will lead to a durable asphalt. This, would decrease the use of bitumen which will significantly contribute in reducing the emissions.”

When we asked about BS group’s CEO opinion on the Bituroad 2021 conference, he replied: “Bituroad would be a platform to meet many businessmen and experts in this area, that can lead to an introduction of our company and field of work in the region.”

In conclusion, BS group looks for getting connected to the end users, conducting a Need analysis of the regional market, learning about new advancement (Respectively), and that is the main reason they take part as bronze sponsor in Bituroad2021. Also, BS group believes that Caucuses market will grow rapidly in future years and it would be a good opportunity to find some stable connection there.

Pleased to have BS group at Bituroad 2021, looking forward to meet their professional team.

Bituroad 2021