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Secmair - bituroad 2020

Secmair; a team of professional managers and employees

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 Possessing a complete and innovative road maintenance line, Secmair is currently specialised in the design and manufacture of road maintenance machinery. Here, Secmair is attending at Bituroad 2020 as an exhibitor to recognize market potentials of the region and get clued up in business environment of Caucasus.

In our interview with Mr. Stéphane OUDIN, Business Development director, he claimed that they are looking forward to the event to provide them with great opportunities of fruitful meetings with professionals and experts, meet other big companies owning new technologies and innovations in this field, enable them to make new business plans and connections this year, and to find a good chance to introduce their company and its unique technologies to the world.

Secmair founded in 1957, offers a variety of products and services which are delivered by a harmonised network in over 120 countries. The Secmair product range is divided into 7 complementary know-how that are defined within the road maintenance sector:

- Sprayers

- Chipsealers

- Chipspreaders

- Emulsion supplier and emulsion tank

- Potholes repair

- Cracksealer

- Slurry Machine and Microsurfacing

Mr. OUDIN believes that as a world leader in the road maintenance market, innovation, quality, design and service have been the keys to the Secmair success. He also noted that Secmair is one of the biggest companies which benefits from the strategy of being highly-adapted to customer needs all over the world, which is another reason to attend BITUROAD 2021 and run a comprehensive need analysis first hand. According to his words, offering high quality services at good price is another advantage of their company compared to rivals. The company delivers an efficient 24-hour customer service from France headquarter. Pushing global standards of the section, Secmair keeps holding training courses in Russia, Australia, Africa, and Us as another benchmark that makes the company stay unique.

Secmair's reputation for being number one in high-tech methods of road maintenance is leading to sustainable development and promoting innovations in treating potholes to make roads safer. In this regard, as one of their interesting innovations, they have developed a new Cepia unit which is said to make manual asphalt laying more efficient.

Considering the fact that the whole world is now tackling the Covid -19 crisis, all the budgets are in difficult position. That is why Mr. OUDIN believes that using high quality and effective paving methods on road can be considered as a key factor to eliminate market needs and pave the way to the future of upcoming market trends.

Furthermore, this Secmair authority added that being as close as possible to the customers and helping them at the right time is the secret to their success to make their products and services everlasting even at times of difficulties and crisis.

At the end, we are deeply honored and grateful for having reputable companies on the board. Biuroad 2021 provides the golden chance of meeting Secmair professionals and utilizing their expertise.

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