Dr. Fereidoon Moghaddas Nejad

Dr. Fereidoon Moghaddas Nejad

Professor of Pavement Engineering


Professor of Pavement Engineering and Head of Transportation Group, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology. 1998-Now.
Director, Pavement Engineering Lab.,AmirkabirUniversity of Technology. 1998-Now.
Post-Doctoral Fellow in Numerical Modeling of Geosynthetics Reinforced Pavements, School of Civil Engineering, The University of Western Sydney, 1997-1998.


• Numerical Methods in Pavement and Railway Engineering;
• Constitutive Models for Pavements (Elastic, Elastoplastic and Viscoselastic Behaviour);
• Computational Models for Asphalt and Concrete Pavements (Thermal modeling, Modeling of Structural Behaviour;
• Railway Management Systems, Pavement Rehabilitation and Maintenance;
• Pavement Management Systems, Pavement Rehabilitation and Maintenance;
• Nondestructive Testing (i.e. FWD, GPR);
• Soil Reinforcement;
• Pavement Recycling; and
• Pavement Materials Testing.

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