Bituroad 2020 conferece new dates

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The first Bituroad Conference 2020, was planned to take place at 09-10 July at Biltmore Tbilisi Hotel, Georgia. Due to the unfortunate spread of COVID-19 globally and the urge to take needed measures for the safety of the event, we decided to postpone it.

Bitugroup LLC, holds a great value for the opinion of all attendees of the event and we launched a poll to choose the best dates. We took all aspects into consideration in providing the best options possible.

Thanking the contribution of our dear sponsors and exhibitors in the poll, we took some time to analyze the results in order to come up with the best dates that can cover maximum votes. Other considerations, such as safety issues due to the pandemic, maximum hotel availability, weather and business conditions were all involved in the decision making and now we’re happy to announce the new dates.

We hereby announce that Bituroad 2020 Conference will be held at 01-02 October 2020 at Biltmore Hotel, Tbilisi Georgia. Looking forward to meeting you all there!

Hope to see an end to the crisis very soon with the least of lives lost and damage to the businesses. Our prayers and thoughts are with the ones affected and we wish everyone well being in this pandemic.